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How We’ve Become Sustainable and Responsible Corporate Citizens

Here at ContainerSpace, we have made a strong commitment towards change in our industry and have adopted an approach of sustainability from the ground up. Being responsible towards our environment is number one, and [...]

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Sticky Shipping Container Doors: Causes and Fixes

Sticky, hard-to-open shipping container doors sure can be frustrating, especially when you intend to use it as some type of storage unit which involves lots of going in and out. Opening and closing shipping container [...]

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Staff News: Featuring Our Newest Qualified Trainee

Tylah, 19, has been training with us at ContainerSpace for three months as a forklift operator. In a male-dominated industry, Tylah has broken our records as the youngest female to ever operate our forklifts at [...]

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4 Steps to a Successful Designer Shipping Container Project

Building with shipping containers is becoming highly popular in the design world due to their affordability and the appealing look they offer. They can be adopted for personal use or for commercial use and are [...]

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