When you purchase a shipping container to use for a tiny house, pop up shop or other purpose, you’re more than likely going to want to get it painted in the colour of your choice to bring it to life and take away that old and ugly look. But painting a container is not as straight forward as you might think and should be trusted to a professional to ensure it’s done right.

shipping container painted grey

Why does a professional need to do the painting?

Having a professional take care of the painting process will ensure that your paint job looks great and lasts a long time. They understand how to prep the container so there is a smooth surface to paint on, and they also know the right longlasting products to use.

The process

  1. man inspecting a shipping containerBefore painting can begin, a container needs to be carefully inspected to discover any areas that may need caulking or welding.
  2. Stickers need to be removed from the exterior as these could become problematic if you end up painting over them.
  3. The whole container needs to be sanded to remove any rust or flaky paint that exists, and to create a smooth surface for painting over. This can be done using a sanding or grinding machine, with a professional grade machine doing the best job.
  4. All parts of the container need to be washed thoroughly using commercial grade cleaners to remove dirt, chemicals or other residue.
  5. Once the container has completely dried after washing, painting can commence. Rather than using a paint brush, a commercial grade airless paint sprayer gives optimum results.

What kind of paint needs to be used?

Containers need to be painted with an exterior premium paint and primer in one, which can be found in either a satin or flat finish. Alternatively you can apply a separate primer and then a top coat.  Two coats of paint are often sufficient to make it last, but more may be required depending on the colour you choose and the required coverage. There are also insulation coatings that can be applied over top of the paint to block and reflect heat, and anti-corrosion coatings to strengthen corroded or rusted parts of the container.

Using the right kind of paint can extend the life of your shipping container and make it look brand new.

What are the best colours to choose?

There are many different colours of paint that you can choose for your container, but there are some things to be aware of:

  • shipping container painted with different colorsLighter colours usually require more coats of paint to get the right coverage and will show dirt or marks easier.
  • Darker colours may make the interior of the container feel hotter during summer, but they hide imperfections better than lighter colours.

Let us take care of everything for you

Here at Container Space, we can take care of painting your new shipping container in the colour of your choice as well as any other container modifications that you need to get your project underway. Give us a call on 03 9314 5589 or come in and see us at our Brooklyn storage and modification facility.