Container Modifications

Here at Containerspace it’s no secret we love shipping containers. We love them so much we built our office out of them. If you’re thinking of converting a shipping container into a home, office, site shed, pop-up shop, chill out space or something completely out of the box we’re here to help. Containerspace can turn your plans and design into reality.

We’re flexible with our modifications and can do as little or as much as you need. Handy if you’re on a budget! We’ll cut, weld and frame to your specifications doing all the hard preparation work for you. Whatever you requirements may be why not pop by our office and speak to one our team who’ll work closely with you to find a solution that brings your design to life.

Tip: We’re open Saturday mornings

Roller Door

Ideal if you require quick and easy access. Perfect for those with hand injuries and may struggle with opening original doors. We can match to any colour bond range.

Personal Access Door

Semi solid metal clad door pre hung into a frame and powder coated. Locked and opened from either inside or out it can be fitted anywhere on the container.

Sliding Doors

Sliding door frames are cut, welded and fitted to your specifications. Let us know the sizes and we do the rest.

Custom Paint

If you’re after something specific just provide us with the colour code and away we go.


Windows frames are cut and fitted to your specification, so let us know if you have the size already or need help organising.

Lock Boxes

A container lock box covers the padlock on the shipping container door and provides added security from unauthorised entry

Whirly Birds

Installed on the roof of the container, a whirly bird allows natural light to enter the roof space and assists in removing moisture build up and exhaust hot, trapped air. Highly Recommended.