Tylah, 19, has been training with us at ContainerSpace for three months as a forklift operator. In a male-dominated industry, Tylah has broken our records as the youngest female to ever operate our forklifts at ContainerSpace.

Tylah’s role involves taking care of all of the shipping containers we have in stock for our clients stored on site. Tylah likes a challenge, so when the job presented itself, she jumped at it. Despite a few shocked faces when she tells new people about her job as a female forklift operator – she tells us she loves her job and gets an overall very positive response.

portrait of female forklift operator working for a container shipping company

Meet our newest qualified trainee, Tylah.

We thought we’d catch up with our one-of-a-kind forklift operator to give you insight into the person behind the job.

Q&A with Tylah, Forklift Operator at ContainerSpace

CS: Being a forklift operator isn’t a common job for most women. What made you apply and what was your training like?

T: Before this position I’d worked in the retail/service industry so this is a complete contrast. I love a good challenge so I asked if there was a position available, completed my Licence to Perform High Risk Work and fortunately was given the opportunity to work with ContainerSpace.

It feels nice being a female in a predominately male industry and it’s quite empowering, especially because I am still so young. My training was simple, I was placed in a forklift with an experienced operator to watch and learn before we swapped over.

CS: What does a forklift operator do? 

T: As a forklift operator, I unload and load 20’ and 40’ containers on trucks, stack and unstack containers up to seven containers high, and move containers to and from our workshop area.

It’s important to always be alert at the desk and in the forklift. The smallest mistake can turn into the biggest problem so I always need to be attentive when performing both tasks.

CS: What’s your favourite thing about the job?

woman driving a forklift in a shipping container yard

Tylah, driving a forklift in our container yard.

T: There is always something to do, never a dull moment, and the people I work alongside are amazing.

CS: What does your typical day at work look like?

T: I come into the office at 5am and start looking at what is planned, checking emails, and answering any calls. A day on the forklift I’m asking what jobs have been assigned and the deadlines I must meet.

CS: What are some tips and advice you have for other women who want to become a forklift operator?

T: Firstly, go for it! Get your High-Risk Licence before anything else. I have to say you need to be very motivated and driven, it’s not always easy but it’s worth it so don’t give up and keep striving for the best. If you come into this job with your head held high and a positive can-do attitude, you will succeed.

Things will go wrong whether big or small and maintaining a positive attitude towards everything and everyone in this industry really helps with efficiency and work ethic.

Thank you, Tylah!

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