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6 Reasons Why Shipping Containers are Excellent for Tiny Houses

When you first think of a shipping container, warm and homely doesn’t often come to mind. But in actual fact, with a bit of clever engineering and design work they can be turned into a welcoming and comfortable space for you and your family to reside. The tiny house movement has been taking the world [...]

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Construction Underway – World’s First Ever Demountable Shipping Container Stadium

While controversy has plagued Qatar since becoming hosts of the 2022 FIFA Football World Cup, the story of more interest to us is how the nation is building a ‘green’ stadium that can be entirely dismantled and repurposed after the tournament. The 40,000 capacity Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, located in Doha with views over the [...]

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5 Ways Shipping Containers Are Taking Over the World of Art

Artists around the world are using partial and entire shipping containers to help them create unique and stand-out pieces of art such as sculptures and paintings. Shipping containers make great canvases for art, as well as being super versatile in just about any display setting. In fact, we at Containerspace have even used shipping container [...]

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How We’ve Become Sustainable and Responsible Corporate Citizens

Here at ContainerSpace, we have made a strong commitment towards change in our industry and have adopted an approach of sustainability from the ground up. Being responsible towards our environment is number one, and our site in Brooklyn, Victoria, is built with just that in mind. We designed and built our office to [...]

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