When you have cold or frozen goods that need to transported or stored, one of the best ways is to use refrigerated shipping containers, also known as reefers.

20ft refrigerated shipping container

What are operating reefers?

These containers are specially designed to control the temperature of perishable items such as meat or fresh produce and can be attached to a generator or power station.

As well as having versatile airflow and dehumidification systems to maintain a set temperature inside, refrigerated shipping containers are completely weatherproof so there is no risk of ending up with spoiled products when they reach their destination. Be mindful all in service boxes should be pre-trip inspected (PTI) by a qualified reefer technician to ensure the unit will perform at optimum.

Our operating refrigerated shipping containers are only sold second hand and come with a 30-day warranty that covers parts and labour. Units are tested and serviced by a qualified technician prior to delivery.

How should they be used?

To ensure your refrigerated shipping container continues performing at optimum levels, and there is no risk to your safety during operation, please use the following guidelines.

  • Ensure your container is placed on level ground, where it has adequate air flow, at least one metre away from any wall and out of direct sunlight.
  • Ensure the reefer unit is properly connected to a 32 amp, 415V power outlet. Prior to connecting to power source, inspect the cable plug for any signs of dust or water.
  • Load product evenly throughout the container, ensuring not to damage the baffle kick plate, or restrict airflow on the container t-floor, door end or return air.
  • Exercise caution and wear non slip rubber soled footwear when entering or exiting the container.
  • DO NOT smoke or use open flame where refrigerant is present.
  • Make sure the reefer is never loaded above the ‘red line guide limit’ inside the container.
  • NEVER run the reefer with doors open. Always switch the container OFF BEFORE ENTERING. Ensure doors are closed securely again before operating.
  • Hose down or air clean the reefer unit coils on a monthly basis.
  • Regular maintenance by a qualified technician ensures efficient performance and operation. Preventative maintenance will stop downtime and costly repairs.
  • Safety in inspecting refrigeration machinery is critical. The refrigerant is under high pressure and high voltage can be present in some electrical circuits, in addition to moving parts. NEVER open the control box without consulting a licensed electrician or reefer technician.
  • Any repair work must be undertaken by a person familiar with procedures and the risks associated with personal health, fire, safety and environment.