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Workplace Smoking Shelters – What You Need to Know

Let's start by clearly defining a workplace. Typically, it's defined as any building that houses workers, whether they're self employed or employed by others, and whether they're paid for the work or not. Legislation passed by the Tobacco Act in 1987 prohibits smoking in any workplace that is enclosed, and this applies to all workplaces [...]

What Can 10ft Containers Be Used For?

Shipping containers come in all shapes and sizes.  More recently 10ft containers are becoming increasingly popular with people interested in converting shipping units into custom spaces and for bespoke purposes.  You can transform these sizeable containers into pop-up bars, stores or even small living spaces!  Let’s take a close look at how you could [...]

6 Reasons Why Shipping Containers are Excellent for Tiny Houses

When you first think of a shipping container, warm and homely doesn’t often come to mind. But in actual fact, with a bit of clever engineering and design work they can be turned into a welcoming and comfortable space for you and your family to reside. The tiny house movement has been taking the world [...]