Shipping containers come in all shapes and sizes.  More recently 10ft containers are becoming increasingly popular with people interested in converting shipping units into custom spaces and for bespoke purposes.  You can transform these sizeable containers into pop-up bars, stores or even small living spaces!  Let’s take a close look at how you could make the most of a 10ft container.

Why Choose a 10ft Container?

Our 10ft shipping containers are manufactured from second-hand 20ft units and are made to order.  That means, depending on your needs and requirements, you can request your container to be cut and coloured as you see fit.  Custom 10ft units are rare to find elsewhere in the container industry for a handful of reasons, which is why we are all the more proud to offer them to our customers.

A 10ft container can be used for storage but is also customisable in a variety of different ways and offers the ideal solution for tight spaces.  It provides just enough room for easy storage and makes for a neat pop-up depending on the purpose.

10 ft shipping container with art design

Permits and Planning Permission

Generally, these small containers fall outside of the Victoria permit guidelines if being used as a shed for storage purposes.   The Victorian Building Authority states ‘storage sheds’ will only require authority or planning approval, or a permit, if floor space is greater than 10m2.  Height, too, should be no more than 3m and setback 1m or more from the boundary no further than the front wall of a single dwelling.

Therefore, if using as a shed for storage purposes you can easily host a 10ft container – and you shouldn’t need a permit.  Although, it is best practice to check with your local Council first to confirm.  A full list of councils is available on our FAQ’s page.

How Can 10ft Containers Be Customised?

The fun part of ordering a 10ft container lies in the customisation.  Here are just a few touches and tweaks your container can arrive with on request:

  • Your own choice of colour – with no restriction. Traditionally, storage containers have somewhat dull colour schemes.  If you’d prefer a shocking pink or lemon yellow, it’s your choice!  Containerspace also engages with artists to create very unique pieces and fair to say one of a kind.
  • Windows and doors can be fitted on request. You can even install roller or access doors as per your needs, again, in a variety of colours.
  • You can even have these containers cut to specific shapes and dimensions. There are no hard and fast rules to say you need to stick with 10’ x 8’.

Your Own 10ft Container

If taking your own custom 10ft container home with you sounds enticing, we’d be happy to discuss your project ideas with you!  Our 10ft product is of premium quality – and what’s more, very few container specialists in our area carry the variety we stock.

You can, therefore, be assured that a 10ft unit from Containerspace is going to provide you with precisely what you need.  Call us on 03 9314 5589, or pop in and see us! You may also visit us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to view updated photos of our 10ft range.