Here at ContainerSpace, we have made a strong commitment towards change in our industry and have adopted an approach of sustainability from the ground up. Being responsible towards our environment is number one, and our site in Brooklyn, Victoria, is built with just that in mind.

yellow and grey container office in victoria australia

We designed and built our office to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

Sustainability has been incorporated into our site design, maximising passive solar, minimising energy use, harvesting rain water and using recycled products wherever possible. We are one of the first clean and green shipping container businesses on the market.

Here’s a taste of what we have achieved so far to help counteract our impact on the planet.


Rain water from our tanks connects to our bathrooms, the main office, and workshop. We’ve also installed a water filtration system to avoid relying on bottled water and paper cups, eliminating this waste product. Jet hand-driers ensure we have eliminated paper towels, minimising waste again. In addition, we also use only eco-friendly cleaning products to clean up our mess.

To combat junk and contaminants running into our waterways, filters block our storm water drains and are regularly cleaned.

C-Bus Control System from an iPhone.


One of our goals is to reduce the electricity necessary to run our facility. To do so we’ve installed LED lighting, and use energy efficient appliances such as the dishwasher and refrigerator.

We’ve also adopted a CBUS system, which means all unnecessary appliances are switched off when we close our doors at the end of the day. And if we forget to turn something off we can access our electrical systems via our phones and quickly do so.


Recycling is a huge part of our everyday life at ContainerSpace. We’ve not only recycled shipping containers to help construct our building, but we also used 70,000 bricks from the previous standing buildings on the site in our office foundations and also paving at the front and rear courtyards.

And right down to the small stuff, such as toilet paper and printing paper, we recycle. We encourage a paperless office, saving soft copies instead of printing hard copies of paperwork. No paperwork is necessary at our truck checkpoints, everything is electronic.

We’ve even ditched the capsule coffee machine, buying a new one that doesn’t need capsules to make coffee.

colorful recycle trash bins inside a container office

Colorful trash bins inside our office.

Our waste has in fact been reduced by up to 50% through recycling. We use a recycling station that helps us divide our waste into the correct categories, from ink cartridges, paper, steel, landfill, to organic waste.

The organic waste is used to feed our worm farm, and compost to mulch our gardens. We divide our green waste and distribute it accordingly, our worms producing a fantastic fertiliser for our vegetable patch.

A Natural Habitat

Part of our intended design was to bring some life back to the previously uninhabitable site. By adding clever landscaping, fruit trees, and herb garden we’ve managed to encourage life back to the area. We’ve planted native trees and plants that attract local bird and wildlife.

We currently have two bird baths plus a water fountain which is seeing plenty of active bird life. Our fruit trees include lemon, lime, cherry, olives, figs, peach and nectarine trees, plus four vegetable boxes.

Passive Solar

We’ve been clever with the design of our new premises in order to rely less on electricity for cooling and heating, and making the most of the sun whilst it’s out. We’ve incorporated high ceilings, a foyer airlock, triple rated insulation and double-glazed windows in order to keep our buildings cool in summer and warmer in winter.

It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

business office renovation and construction

Cleaning up the area and constructing the ContainerSpace office.

Before we set foot on site, it was a desolate place that had been abandoned by its previous owners. We began by clearing the site and starting a fresh. Step one was to safely remove dangerous asbestos from the site. There were also countless barrels of contaminants which had been left by the previous occupants and needed safe removal and disposal. We also had to clean existing drains and add extra drainage to the site.

Once the dangers were out of the way, our next job was to clean up. There were countless loads of garbage and left-over materials which needed removal. The offices themselves had to be cleared of debris, chairs, paperwork, computers, and other office equipment had been overturned inside the previous premises. There were also huge holes to fill in the ground.

spring blooms against a stack of shipping containers

We’re passionate about the environment.

The Future

In the immediate future we aim to install solar electricity, increase our capacity of water tank storage, and perform more landscaping work. Our intention is to continue to be a responsible corporate citizen, and encourage other businesses to do so. Our environment is so valuable to us, and the better we take care of it, the longer we can all enjoy it.

You, too, can take your office to a whole new level of creativity and sustainability. Browse through our selection of shipping containers to get started.